Co-ordinators (ROCC)

Regional Ovarian Cancer Co-ordinators (ROCC)

Our aim is to develop a nationwide network of volunteers who represent OvaCare at local and regional level.

Our ROCCs are women with direct experience of ovarian cancer. They share a passion for spreading information about the disease.

We are now looking for potential ROCCs; that means people who can respond to the needs and opportunities within their communities and who will represent OvaCare’s aims and values while working independently.

ROCCs take on many different projects; they distribute material to make sure as many people as possible hear about OvaCare and the need to improve ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment; they keep in touch with OvaCare’s FoneFriends and other local supporters; they present the work of the charity to the wider public through linking with other organisations; they make contact with health professionals in local cancer centres and some even run their own support groups.

It is varied and quite demanding work, but it is also rewarding to know that you can do something to positively influence others and to improve the outlook for women with ovarian cancer.

Could you be a ROCC? If you think so then please get in touch at or call
021 2427892.