How can I help the fundraising?

It should go without saying that everything possible should be done to increase education of ovarian cancer and provide direct support for those affected. Every single individual; volunteer, financial sponsor, fundraiser, administrator etc is of immense importance in achieving these goals. Obviously, the availability of funds is essential to make possible the realisation, organisation, staffing and advertising of specific fundraising events (workshops, seminars, walks/fun runs, dinner dances, celebrity speakers, concerts… to name but a few). This is one of the areas where your sponsorship could be put to productive use. Corporate sponsors can feature their branding at these events, which also raises their own profile (corporate responsibility opportunities). Please view examples of recent fundraising events of the reverse side of this insert.


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has organised, participated in or contributed to any of our fundraising events to date. It goes without saying that without each of you our work to increase education of ovarian cancer and provide support for those affected by it would not be possible.

Thank You ……..

Fundraising Made Easy!

OvaCare wants to make fundraising easy for you so we have a “” webpage set up for your use which makes collecting money easier and more convenient while allowing you get on with focusing on your fundraising event!  Simply go to and go to Start Fundraising… its easy to follow from there
Once set up you can email your friends and simply ask for support!  No collecting money from cards or asking face to face for money as we all know thats not the easiest of tasks!

Alternatively, if you wish to carry out an event and collect for OvaCare we would be delighted to give you sponsorship cards.  To receive a sponsorship card just email us @!

Upcoming Events

Here are a few ideas of what you can do to raise money for OvaCare!

5k, 10k, Half Marathon – ongoing
All around us we see people out running!  Are they running for themselves & a charity??  It could be you & OvaCare.
Coffee Mornings
We all love some coffee & cake … why not get with friends and whilst having coffee and cake spread the word about OvaCare!  If people feel generous after cake all the better 🙂
Bag Packing
Do you love having help with packing your groceries and have a doorway into a supermarket who will allow OvaCare to have the opportunity to raise much needed funds?  Just email OvaCare at: to see how we can support you!
Parachute Jump
Have you always wanted to do this but needed a push 🙂 OvaCare would encourage you all the way to achieve your wish whilst raisings funds!  You can use our page to collect your sponsorship!