Joan tells her story

joanMy name is Joan and after a hysterectomy was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in September 2006. My treatment was to be my insurance policy. I completed a hard 6 months of carboplatin and taxol. I lost my hair, and had the usual side effects of aches and pains and pins and needles. I returned to work in April 2007 full of the joys of life, I thought my life was back to normal, but in reality what is normal? I began to complain of pain in my lower back at the end of 2009 and it was dismissed as osteoarthritis. The pain increased and mystified my gp and the medical team. My gp referred me to a reheumatologist in March 2010 who ordered an mri scan. To my great dismay, the mri showed the cancer had visited me again. In one way I was relieved, because now there was a reason for the pain, it wasnt my imagination after all. So I was informed that chemo was again ahead of me and now my illness was regarded a a chronic illness. I went through the chemotheraphy with the now familiar side effects and came out the other end with a good result. I returned again to work, this time a little more unsure. Following a routine scan in Oct, the cancer was discovered again though in a smaller area than before. So radiotheraphy was suggested and I had treatment, in December / Jan 2012. After a few weeks rest, I was back at work once more. I have learned to enjoy the good days , and I have had many. Since 2006 I have also managed to visit Croatia, Rome, Budapest Spain and Portugal. I attend a general medical practice and I cannot praise the entire medical team enough for their kindness to me in my illness. My onocologist is also a very kind and understanding man to a sometimes, hard to understand patient. My gynae liason nurse is also very supportive. My employers and colleagues have also been so good to me during my illness. To relax, I like to garden, walk my cavaliers, and read books. I have learned to appreciate the good things in life and I have also stopped trying to change the things I cannot change. Believe me, it makes life easier.