No organisation can be effective without sufficient financial funds – wouldn’t you agree? We are no different, in that the majority of our funding  relies on corporate and public sponsorship. This is where you can make a real difference to people’s lives – the patients and their families.  We are 100% positive that we can make a significant difference – but only with your help.

How can I help?
It should go without saying that everything possible should be done to increase education of ovarian cancer and provide direct support for those affected. Every single individual; volunteer, financial sponsor, fundraiser, administrator etc is of immense importance in achieving these goals. Obviously, the availability of funds is essential to make possible the realisation, organisation, staffing and advertising of specific fundraising events (workshops, seminars, walks/fun runs, dinner dances, celebrity speakers, concerts… to name but a few). This is one of the areas where your sponsorship could be put to productive use. Corporate sponsors can feature their branding at these events, which also raises their own profile (corporate responsibility opportunities).

What difference can I make?
In a nutshell, your financial support will make a world of difference, ultimately to the sufferers of ovarian cancer, both directly and indirectly. It requires specifically trained people, facilities and very specialist equipment to provide the high level of effective services to help make this difference in patient’s lives, and their families. With minimal public sponsorship, OvaCare relies heavily on private and corporate sponsorship. This is where we really hope you will step in.